Thursday, January 22, 2015


I must say the summer of 2014 was a great one, probably the highlight of my entire year. I discovered what I wanted to do, snagged an internship with a popular fashion blog and most importantly I had fun! What's funny about the summer is we never want it to end but it has to end in order for us to move forward. It is a bittersweet part of your life that you know you have to make the best of because in two months, it will all be over. Isn't it ironic that winter feels so long but is actually the shortest season?

I think I ate Baked By Melissa cupcakes at least once a week during the summer. I was obsessed and still very obsessed with these pint size treats. They are so delicious! If you haven't tried them already, I recommend grabbing a box! If you aren't near a Baked By Melissa location, you can always order from their site No they did not sponsor this post, I just really enjoy pleasing my sweet tooth with these irresistible cupcakes. 

It's okay to reminisce once in a while but it is important to always move forward. Every summer is a chance to create new bittersweet memories with the people you love or even by yourself. I truly can't wait for the summer to come again, can you?


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