Sunday, September 20, 2015

Barneys Fall Wishlist

Do you often browse the internet and create dream shopping trips in your head? I do it everyday. The reason is because I just love clothing that much, but it also allows my imagination to run wild. I can create scenarios and events in my head that I want to attend and dress myself. Great hobby right? I know.

Check out my Barneys Fall Wishlist of items that I think every girl needs in their wardrobe.

Comme des Garçons PLAY Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Avalilable in both red and green, I just adore this shirt. It is so simple yet so not simple. You can wear this to dinner, brunch, a fashion event and wherever else. I would wear this long sleeve t-shirt with a pair of trainers and a pencil skirt. How would you rock it?

The Row Haki Wrap Top 

Is this top not awesome? Well, the price tag is kind of hefty but that is why this is a wish list. I'm sure I probably could find an exact version of this top, but I love this one! Once my mind is set on one thing, it's kind of hard to change my opinion. 

Designed for workout gear, but who really cares? I would still wear this top out. I'm just that spunky at times. Plus, who really follows the rules anyway? I love this tank because of the color and fit. So perfect for the Fall. 

T by Alexander Wang Classic Pocket Tank 

Everyone needs a classic tank. T by Alexander Wang Classic Pocket Tank is the perfect loungewear piece. For the days when you don't really feel like getting dressed, you can wear this tank and throw on a leather jacket with some leggings and be on your way.

MM6 Maison Margiela Mixed-Material Platform Wedge Sneakers

Comfort! I am a strong advocate for comfort. These kicks are definitely on my wishlist. They give a sporty vibe but still casual. I would wear these with the first item I mentioned that's on my wishlist. I know, I'm cute. 

Nike Air Max Thea Joil Sneakers 

Sexy right? I know. Not only are they sexy but they are comfortable. Does it get any better than that? With a rubber waffle sole in a light bone color, you can wear these bad boys anywhere. They are also affordable which is a plus for me. 

I hope you all enjoyed my wishlist and comment what store you would like me to create a wishlist for next! 


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