Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Being 21 & Not Doing Enough

Being twenty one has it's perks. You're young, you have energy and everyday your mind flows with new vigor and ideas on how you want to save the world. But being 21 also has its lows.

I'm constantly battling the thought of not doing enough. Thoughts like "Shouldn't I be making six figures?" and "Why am I still living with my mother?" are always bouncing around my brain. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have a mother who will still support me as I try to figure it all out, but I just feel like I'm not doing enough. 

When I get in these moods, I always think about these three things. 

1. You're only 21.

Whenever you fall into a funk about not doing enough, remember you are young. Whether you're 21 or older, life isn't short. I know people always say life is short but in reality it isn't. It's very long. Everyday is a new day to do what you want to do.

2. Making mistakes are apart of life.

We are meant to make mistakes. How else can we learn if we don't go through things? You have to understand that in your 20's you are living in mistakeville. Just don't live there forever.

3. Laugh.

Laugh. When all else fails, just laugh. Laughing keeps us sane. 


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