Saturday, September 19, 2015

How I Would Style: Fenty Suede Creeper

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The Fenty Suede Creepers are the epitome of Rhianna herself. Just from this sneaker alone it is evident that Rhianna serving as Creative Director at Puma is going to to be a great thing. I am already expecting her to surpass all expectations.

Here are a few different ways that I would style the Fenty Suede Creepers. 

How I would style rhiannas pumas

You can never go wrong with the color black. Black looks good and feels good on anyone. It is known as a slimming color alongside a mysterious one. I paired the suede Pumas with a cropped long sleeve shirt and a knit skirt. This outfit is ideal for a girls night out or even a day of shopping. Comfort is key.

Untitled #3577

For this look I paired the Creepers with a dressed up skirt. This ensemble is ideal for drinks or maybe even dinner with a few friends. I love that the platform on the Fenty trainers give a dressed up casual look to the shoe.

Untitled #3578

For this outfit I added some color. Why? Primarily because I love this skirt from Opening Ceremony. This look can be worn to brunch, the movies or even to gallery hop. I mean who doesn't love to gallery hop?

Untitled #3579

And last but not least, I would style Rhianna's Fenty Suede Creeper with a leather Rick Owens skirt and biker knit sweater. I personally would wear this to a fashion event, listening party or whatever nighttime events you like to indulge in frequently. 

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